The Lego Mindstorms programming workshop at the Dia Aberto was a success!

The curiosity of the younger ones was the driving force behind a different day at the Pavilhão de Informática II. On May 19th, 34 children and young people, individually registered or through their schools, had the opportunity to discover programming small Lego Mindstorms robots.

The activities took place in a relaxed atmosphere, always under the guidance and supervision of DEI students, who volunteered to monitor the event. The visible sense of learning and discovery was only overcome by the joy of seeing the robots (almost always) 🤖 following the programmed directives.

With such fond memories, who knows if future DEI students may emerge from this activity?

DEI would like to express heartfelt thanks to:

Nelson Trindade 

Miguel Mendo

Diogo Silva Santos

Francisco Saiote Rodrigues

Rui Ribeiro 

NEIIST support 

RNL support

This photo was authorized by all depicted in it.