MTP - Programming Methodology and Technology

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The scientific area of Programming Methodology and Technology (MTP, acronym for the Portuguese name), of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, encompasses research and teaching in different topics of Computer Science and Engineering, including Algorithms and Data Structures, Computational Complexity, Software Engineering, and Programming Languages. Specific research topics include Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Software Verification and Validation, Parallel and Concurrent Programming, Constraint Programming, Social Software, Security and Natural Language Processing, amongst others.


Full Professor
Prof.ª Ana Teresa Freitas
Prof. Arlindo Oliveira
Prof. Francisco Santos
Prof. José Carlos Monteiro
Prof. Luís Caires

Associate Professor
Prof. Alberto Abad
Prof. Alexandre Francisco
Prof. António Paulo Leitão
Prof. António Rito Silva
Prof. David Matos
Prof. João Fernando Ferreira
Prof. Nuno João Mamede
Prof. Nuno Lopes
Prof. Pedro Adão
Prof. Pedro Tiago Monteiro
Prof.ª Susana Vinga
Prof. Vasco Miguel Manquinho

Assistant Professor
Prof.ª Ana Almeida Matos
Prof. Emanuel Gonçalves
Prof. Guilherme Ramos
Prof. Jan Cederquist
Prof. João Carlos Pereira
Prof. José Fragoso dos Santos
Prof. Luís Guerra e Silva
Prof. Luís Russo
Prof. Pedro Santos

Research Groups