Scientific and Pedagogical Council

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Scientific and Pedagogical Council

The Scientific-Pedagogical Council is responsible for the scientific and pedagogical management of programs leading to academic degrees where the CSE department is involved, namely in the definition of the coordinators, the scientific commissions and thesis defense committees.

Head of Department
Prof. Miguel Pupo Correia

Executive Committee Members
Prof. Miguel Mira da Silva
Prof.ª Cláudia Antunes
Prof. Daniel Gonçalves
Prof. Miguel Pardal
Prof. David Matos
Prof.ª Sofia Pinto

Prof. Alfredo Ferreira

Representatives of the  Scientific Commissions
Prof. Nuno João Mamede (LEIC-A)
Prof. Carlos Martinho (LEIC-T)
Pedro Tiago Monteiro (MEIC Coordinator)
Prof. Alberto Abad
(MEIC Deputy Coordinator)
Prof. Fernando Ramos
Miguel Mira da Silva (MISE)
Mário Gaspar da Silva (Ms Biomedical Eng. and Ms Data Science and Eng. and PhD Eng. and Public Policies)
Prof. Francisco Melo (PDEIC)
Miguel Pupo Correia (PhD Information Security)
Prof.ª Valentina Nisi (PhD Digital Media)

Coordinators of the Scientific Areas
Prof. Luís Rodrigues (ASO)
Prof. Ana Paiva (IA)
Prof. Nuno Jardim Nunes (IG)
Prof. Ana Teresa Freitas
Prof. José Borbinha (SI)

Representatives of the Research Units
Prof.ª Inês Lynce (INESC-ID)