SI - Information Systems

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Information Systems at DEI has two main scientific and pedagogical objectives: (i) teaching/researching the fundamentals for dealing with companies as organizations, considered as complex systems encompassing information systems; and (ii) teaching/researching the fundamentals for creating and operating computer systems where the complexity of the information and processes is high, either due to the amount of data to process and interpret or the size of the organizations and communities who use them. To achieve such goals, the development of research and innovation activities in this domain requires specialized practice and expertise in information systems engineering and/or data science and engineering. Teaching activities are offered in study cycles at Tagus Park and Alameda (undergraduate, master and PhD levels) with participation in multiple other IST degrees offerings learning modules in enterprise information systems and data science and engineering.


Full Professor
Prof. Alberto Rodrigues da Silva
Prof. José Borbinha
Prof. Mário Gaspar da Silva
Prof. Miguel Mira da Silva

Associate Professor
Prof.ª Cláudia Antunes
Prof. Diogo Ferreira
Prof.ª Helena Galhardas
Prof. Paulo Carreira
Prof. Pedro Sousa

Assistant Professor
Prof. Alessandro Gianola
Prof. André Vasconcelos
Prof. Daniel Faria
Prof. Flávio Martins
Prof. Sérgio Guerreiro
Prof. Rui Henriques

Research Groups