ASO - Architecture and Operating Systems

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The scientific area of Architecture and Operating Systems (ASO) of the Computer Science and Engineering Department focuses its research and teaching activity on the infrastructural aspects of computing systems, i.e., all domains between hardware architectures and the application levels of computer science. The area has around 20 faculty, working on five broad areas: Hardware Architectures (parallel processing, concurrency, embedded systems, multimedia and security applications), Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Computer Security and Distributed Systems. The faculty of this area are located across both IST campi, Alameda and Taguspark, and many of them are also affiliated with the INESC ID research laboratory.


Full Professor
Prof. José Alves Marques
Prof. Luís Rodrigues
Prof. Miguel Pupo Correia
Prof. Rodrigo Rodrigues

Associate Professor
Prof. Fernando Ramos
Prof. João Barreto
Prof. José Carlos Delgado
Prof. Luís Veiga
Prof. Nuno Santos
Prof. Paolo Romano
Prof. Ricardo Chaves

Assistant Professor
Prof. Alberto Cunha
Prof. David R. Matos
Prof. João Garcia
Prof. Luís Pedrosa
Prof. Miguel Matos
Prof. Miguel Pardal
Prof. Rodrigo Bruno

Research Groups