Coordinating Committee of 1st and 2nd cycles

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Coordinating Committee of 1st and 2nd Cycles

The Coordinating Committee for 1st and 2nd Study Cycles is responsible for the organization and functioning of the 1st and 2nd study cycles programs under the department's responsibility, and to give an opinions relatives to other programs in which it participates.

Head of Department, who presides:
Prof. Nuno Jardim Nunes

Vice-Head for Academic Matters, who coordinates the committee:
Prof. Luís Veiga

One representative, professor at DEI, from the scientific committee of each of the program in which the DEI has a significant participation, and this representative must be the program coordinator if a department's professor:
Prof. Vasco Miguel Manquinho (LEIC-A)
Prof. Nuno João Mamede (LEIC-T)
Prof. Rui Valadas (LETI)
Prof. Daniel Gonçalves (MEIC Coordinator)
Prof. Pedro Tiago Monteiro (MEIC Deputy Coordinator)
Prof. Ricardo Chaves (METI)
Prof. Miguel Mira da Silva (MISE)
Prof. Mário Gaspar da Silva (MECD)