IA - Artificial Intelligence

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The field of Artificial Intelligence aims at creating algorithms and systems that exhibit intelligent behavior. The term is due to John McCarthy who, in 1955, defined it as "the science and engineering of creating intelligent machines". The scientific area of Artificial Intelligence of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering integrates a set of lecturers covering, in their research, the majority of the topics in this area, including Autonomous Agents and Multi Agent Systems, Machine Learning, Quantum Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Search, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, and Intelligent Robotics.


Full Professor
Prof. Ana Paiva
Prof. Inês Lynce

Associate Professor
Prof. André Martins
Prof. Francisco Melo
Prof. Luísa Coheur
Prof. Manuel Lopes

Assistant Professor
Prof. Andreas Wichert
Prof. Chrysoula Zerva
Prof. Joana Campos
Prof. José Alberto Sardinha
Prof. Rui Henriques
Prof. Sofia Pinto

Research Groups