IG - Graphics and Interaction

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The scientific area of Graphics and Interaction (IG) of the CSE Department focuses on research and education across two important disciplines: Human-Computer Interaction and Computer Graphics. This area enables faculty and students to understand how humans interact with computing technologies to design and shape how they influence people's lives and innovate and understand their impact on the greater public good. Computer Graphics synthesizes digital realms that bring people together in physical, on-line, and asynchronous communities to invent, inspire, fabricate, and redefine the many creative and technical artifacts, disciplines, and industries touched by interactive techniques. Human-Computer Interaction interprets human behavior and development through social and ethical analyses of how people adapt and use technology to develop technology, tools, and design methods that support efficiency and creativity in design. At the educational level the area is present in Tagus Park and Alameda campi support several undergrad courses and Master specializations and minors as well as the PhD programs.


Full Professor
Prof. Daniel Gonçalves
Prof. Joaquim Jorge
Prof. Nuno Jardim Nunes

Associate Professor
Prof. Alfredo Ferreira
Prof. Anderson Maciel
Prof. Carlos Martinho
Prof. Jacinto Nascimento
Prof. João Madeiras Pereira
Prof. Rui Prada
Prof.ª Valentina Nisi

Assistant Professor
Prof. Augusto Esteves
Prof. Daniel Simões Lopes
Prof. Hugo Nicolau

Research Groups