Coordinating Committee for the 3rd Cycle

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Coordinating Committee for the 3rd Cycle

The Coordinating Committee for 3rd Study Cycle is responsible for the organization and functioning of the 3rd study cycle programs under the department's responsibility, namely the analysis of the candidates for these program and the proposal of the committee members for CAT and doctoral examinations, as well as to give an opinions relative to other programs in which it participates.

Head of Department, who presides:
Prof. Nuno Jardim Nunes

Vice-Head for Academic Matters, who coordinates the committee:
Prof. Luís Veiga

Coordinators of 3rd cycle programs:
Prof. Francisco Santos (DEIC)
Prof. Miguel Pupo Correia (Information Security)

Executive Coordinator of each of the department's Scientific Areas:
Prof. João Garcia (ASO)
Prof. Manuel Lopes (IA)
Prof. Jacinto Nascimento (IG)
Prof. Alberto Abad (MTP)
Prof.ª Cláudia Antunes (SI)

Research Unit Representatives:
Prof.ª Inês Lynce (INESC-ID)