Prova de Doutoramento do aluno José Miguel Santos Ribeiro

Área: Engenharia Informática e de Computadores

Despacho de nomeação de Júri

Título da Tese: Sensing and Community Crowd Sensing using Passive Wi-Fi

Local da Prova:

Data: 27/06/2023

Hora: 15h00

Abstract: With the ease of travel, visitor load and destination conditions are vital roles in touristic locations, as they can degrade the users' experience. Thanks to advances in computing, sensing the world is now widely available to the general population. However, there is still a challenge to make sense of the data and to make it possible for the citizens in practical ways that help them in their routines, making it evermore essential to make sense of the captured data. This thesis area of interest is monitoring people and locations employing hardware sensing in the form of passive Wi-Fi and soft social sensing. From that, we propose to improve the citizens commute and travel experience by providing information in ubiquitous ways along the paths of their journeys. We present the implementation and deployment of the system, and results of the data processing and pattern recognition methods from the sensed data, in terms of site load, social media prevalence, weather and transports for each location; ii) modeling and simulate the location occupation based on its typology, both fed from historical and real-time data, and iii) test validation and verification mechanisms for evaluating the site load and user satisfaction. In this document, we present the motivation for our research followed by state of the art in Wi-Fi passive sensing, the deployment of a sensing infrastructure, as well as the analysis of the collected data, and real-world applications of the system, while also using user interfaces for public displays.