Prova de CAT do Aluno Diogo da Fonseca Caetano Rato

Candidato Diogo da Fonseca Caetano Rato nº 73412

Thesis Title: Procedurally generated societies

Sala: 1.38 do IST-Taguspark

Data: 07 de Setembro de 2021

Hora: 10h00

Orientador : Professor Doutor Rui Filipe Fernandes Prada

Co-orientador : Samuel Francisco Mascarenhas

Thesis Abstrat

In recent years, several video games evolved into large and complex systems. These impressive open worlds are filled with interactive opportunities that invite players to navigate and explore handcrafted or procedurally generated elements. Alongside rich physical environments, these worlds have social characters that expand even further the interaction space. However, not only creating such agents demands an extensive authoring effort, but designing coherent and recognizable groups of characters mainly focuses on physical traits. As such, faced with progressively more elaborate worlds, techniques to autonomously populate them with large groups of socially intelligent characters must be designed. While exploring the interactive space supported by large game worlds, interactions between players and characters, and among the latter, must be identified as socially adequate. So, game characters should be endowed with mechanisms for constructing their Social Context by ascribing social meaning to the surrounding elements and adapt their behavior accordingly. As such, we propose the concept of Cognitive Social Frame (CSF) that allows a social agent to frame adequate actions based on their interpretation of reality. When shared among several characters, CSFs help to establish a collective identity by shaping a population's behavior based on their individuals' Social Context. Moreover, by developing intelligent methods to create multiple populations of characters and place them in virtual worlds, we intend to research the procedural generation of societies in games.